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DWM 436
DWM 436
Cover date: 27 July 2011
Format: Packed, 99 pages, bound
Editor: Tom Spilsbury
Publisher: Panini Comics
DWM 435
DWM 437
The 436th issue of Doctor Who Magazine was dedicated to the recently deceased Nicholas Courtney. Most of the contents were themed around him, excluding regular features such as the comic strip and "Time Team". Other such features, for example "The Fact of Fiction", were related to him. The biggest regular issue of Doctor Who Magazine until DWM 467, this issue was current from 30 June through 27 July 2011.

Contents Edit

Articles on Nicholas Courtney Edit

  • Splendid Chap...all of him
  • Nicholas Courtney Remembered
This feature contained interviews with:
  • Tom Baker interview
  • David Tennant interview
  • The Last Post (A short biography of Nicholas Courtney)
  • The Fact of Fiction: Inferno (Courtney's favourite story)

Features Edit

Comic content Edit

- Story: Jonathan Morris
- Art: David McDaid
- Colours: James Offredi
- Letters: Roger Langridge
- Editors: Tom Spilsbury and Scott Gray

Reviews Edit

Regular features Edit

  • Production Notes
  • Gallifrey Guardian
  • Beyond The Tardis
  • Public Image
  • Galaxy Forum
  • Countdown To 50!
  • The Time Team
  • Comic Strip
  • A Battle of Wits
  • Reviews
  • Competitions
  • Competitions
  • Crossword
  • Wotcha!

Competitions Edit

Coming soon Edit

Credits Edit

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