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Daf was a friend of Rhys Williams. Rhys would often spend time with him when Gwen was working.

Once, Rhys and Daf played poker and Rhys planned to stay at Daf's for the night. Daf unfortunately got into a row with his wife Karen, so Rhys had to leave early. (TV: Ghost Machine) Rhys and he later went out for a curry when Rhys called home to ask Gwen to video Wife Swap. (TV: Cyberwoman) When Daf and Karen separated, Daf held a Staying Single Stag Night, which Rhys attended. (TV: Combat) Daf and Rhys spoke after Rhys learnt the truth of Torchwood Three. Though Rhys didn't tell Daf anything, Jack Harkness wanted to retcon him, but Rhys convinced Gwen not to. (TV: Meat)

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