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Dale Hicks, born on 16 January 2001, was an eleven-year-old boy when he lived on Dame Kelly Holmes Close at the time of the London Olympics. According to a missing ad, he had both brown eyes and hair, and measured 150 cms in height.

On 27 July 2012, while playing football with Tom, he seemingly vanished into thin air, much to the horror of the onlooking Maeve Griffiths and Tom's dad.

This was because Chloe Webber — being actively controlled by the Isolus — drew him. He thereafter lived as a pencil drawing on Chloe's wall. When he, according to Chloe, started "moaning", she drew him a friend: a cat from outside. Although she drew him happy, he soon grew a frown of his own accord, and then tried to yell. Trish Webber noticed this. He was finally restored when Rose Tyler fixed the Isolus pod, the Isolus left Earth and all her captives were released. He ran into his mother's arms. (TV: Fear Her)