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Dalek Attack (video game)

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Dalek Attack
Dalek Attack cover
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace
Featuring: Second Doctor, Fourth Doctor, The Brig, K9
Main enemy: Daleks, Davros
Main setting: Earth, 2254
Key crew
Publisher: Admiral Software, Alternative Software (ZX Spectrum)
Developer: Admiral Software
Release details
Platform: PC, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amiga, Atari ST
Genre: 2D Side-scrolling platformer
2D platformer
Release date: October 1992
Dalek Attack was a Seventh Doctor game set in the year 2254 and featuring Davros and the Daleks as main enemies. For the first time ever on the 5 January, 2015 the game was made available to play online on the Internet.[1]

The beginning of the game features a sequence with a horde of Daleks. The one in the front utters: "This is only the beginning. We will prepare, we will grow stronger. When the time is right we will emerge, and take our rightful place as the supreme power of the univeeerse. EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" and exterminates the screen.

Publisher's summary Edit

The inhabitants of Earth had been blissfully unaware that from the depths of outer space, their progress was being carefully scrutinised by the evil leader of the most ruthless, vicious and technically advanced race in the universe.

Davros’s knarled and twisted fingers switched on the intercom “Battle Commander Daleks report to the main control room!” he croaked.

The twelve Battle Commander Daleks glided into the main control room in the presence of Davros and the Emperor Dalek.

Davros glanced around the room menacingly, “How is the war with the Ginorms proceeding?” he shouted. “All but a few have been exterminated. Universe Sector Zeep is now ours” replied the Emperor.

“Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!” screeched Davros, “Now is the time to invade and conquer Universe Sector Solar 1, we will start with the planet Earth which is infested with the friends of that meddlesome Timelord, the Doctor.

“We will launch the Battle Fleet on your command Davros” replied the Emperor.

Then let it be, “snarled Davros, “Exterminate all humans!” “Exterminate, EXTERMINATE!” cried the Battle Commander Daleks.

On the planet Gallifrey there is a meeting of the High Council of the Timelords. “The Daleks have conquered most of the Universe, their reign of terror must be stopped,” speaks the President of the High Council “to this end Doctor, we are instructing you to go to the planet Earth and put a halt to this madness. We wil offer you every assistance possible. Goodluck!"

Summary Edit

The year is 2254, calculated in Earth terms, and on the planet Skaro Davros and the Emperor Dalek adresses the battle command of Daleks. Davros tells the Daleks that over the past 100 years they have witnessed the human race advance their scientific knowledge to the point of the humans becoming a threat to the Daleks, and tells them it is time to rectify this problem.

The Daleks travel to Earth to Exterminate the human, destroying buildings and bridges at the same time. The Doctor tells Ace that they must destroy the Dalek pods and reverse the death rays before Davros turns Earth into a Dalek production planet.

The Doctor steals a Hoverbout from the Daleks and goes down to the sewers to free the imprisoned humans while avoiding hitting the walls and being struckmann by pointy spikes and slime drops. To get out he had to fight two giant fire-spitting snakes from the mud, but lost the hoverbout in the process.

Back in the streets of London must fight off Daleks and humans converted into evil beasts all around while searching for coins (he can also enter various houses and the London Underground). He also fights off a beast inside a massive Dalek travel machine tank that can spit out mini rockets, in order to collect a Smart Card to travel to the next area on Earth.

The Time Lords sends the Doctor a message congratulating him on defeating all the Daleks in London, and sends him to Paris and tells him to use the Smart Card to cause a temporary disruption in the force field.

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Playable characters Edit

Features Edit

Collectable items Edit

  • Rockets
  • Grenades
  • Signs
  • Coins
  • Human shaped figures - 500 points

Enemies Edit

  • Robomen
  • Zombiefied humans
  • Ogrons
  • Daleks
  • Davros
  • Fire-breathing sea snakes
  • Beast in massive Dalek tank

Levels Edit

Story notes Edit

  • In a similar situation to PROSE: First Frontier's mention of NOTVALID: Dimensions in Time, PROSE: Head Games described this story as being a simulation created by fictional energies:
    The Doctor found catharsis too in his own journey. Fully aware of the nature of his surroundings, he concocted a fictional attack by Daleks and battled them in Earth’s big cities, from London to Paris to New York to Tokyo. It was so simple. He was fighting evil, showing no mercy as he blasted those who had never deserved to exist. An ideal, black and white world, in which he wished he could live more often. Steve Lyons [src]

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