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Dalek Empire is a series of linked audio dramas and one book in the Short Trips series, all published by Big Finish Productions.

Publisher's summary Edit

An epic saga of humanity's struggle to survive the relentless onslaught of the Daleks. Spanning the entire galaxy and stretching over centuries, it is seemingly a war without end.

Format Edit

Dalek empire

Promotional illustration for Dalek Empire by Lee Sullivan from Doctor Who Magazine[which?]

The Dalek Empire range started with a progressive thread through four stories in the main line of Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories, then spun off into an independent audio mini-series.

Dalek Empire (Doctor Who audio dramas) Edit

Dalek Empire (spin-off mini-series) Edit

Other releases Edit

  • Return of the Daleks, a special subscribers exclusive audio drama, features the Seventh Doctor with Susan Mendes and Kalendorf. It takes place between the events of The Human Factor and "Death to the Daleks!", the second and third releases in the first series of Dalek Empire.
  • Short Trips: Dalek Empire, a short story anthology, features supplemental stories from various Dalek storylines, including the Doctor in several incarnations. Adapting Dalek Empire to the world of print, it also features the full script to Return of the Daleks.

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