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Dalek Empire II: Dalek War was the second series of Dalek Empire audio dramas produced by Big Finish.

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to be added This series focused in the war of Daleks from the primary universe (the Enemy Daleks) versus the parallel universe Daleks (the Alliance Daleks), led by their creator, the Mentor.

The stories were released monthly from January till April 2003

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# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
2.1 Dalek War: Chapter One Nicholas Briggs Nicholas Briggs Mirana, Haredew, Tarkov January 2003 BFPCDDE05
2.2 Dalek War: Chapter Two Mirana, Haredew, Tarkov, Morli February 2003 BFPCDDE06
2.3 Dalek War: Chapter Three March 2003 BFPCDDE07
2.4 Dalek War: Chapter Four Haredew, Tarkov April 2003 BFPCDDE08

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