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Dalek enhanced Tommy Guns were energy weapons created by the Cult of Skaro to arm their human-Dalek army in their bid to conquer Earth in 1930 and create the New Dalek Empire. The weapons were built from Dalek gunsticks based on the Tommy gun, which basically resembled a normal Tommy gun but with a Dalek gunstick in place of the barrel that the bullet would come out of when firing. They had very little to no recoil and were typically fired from the hip. Despite being a Dalek enhanced gun, they sounded nothing like the gunsticks built into Daleks or a typical gun, but they did sound like an energy weapon.

When the human-Daleks turned against Dalek Thay and Dalek Jast, the concentrated fire of the guns completely destroyed the two Dalek when their force-fields were penetrated. (TV: Evolution of the Daleks)

Torchwood 3 possessed at least two of these guns. Jack Harkness and Adam Smith wielded these on at least one occasion. (TV: Adam) One of these weapons could be seen revolving on a screen behind Jack. (TV: A Day in the Death) One of these guns was present in the UNIT's Black Archive (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

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