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Daleks: The Early Years was a video containing rare episodes from early Dalek stories. It was presented by Peter Davison and contained episodes five and ten of The Daleks' Master Plan; episode two of The Evil of the Daleks; interviews with Terry Nation, Raymond Cusick, John Scott Martin, Roy Skelton; clips from The Daleks, The Chase, The Daleks' Master Plan (surviving clips), Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., The Power of the Daleks and The Five Doctors; the BBC trailers for The Dalek Invasion of Earth; an outtake from The Five Doctors; and an extract from "I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek".

Daleks The Early Years titlecard

Daleks: The Early Years title card



  • This was one of a series of videos produced by John Nathan-Turner intended to release rare episodes and incomplete serials, as well as interviews and other extras that wouldn't have seen a video release at the time.
  • All British releases were handled by BBC Worldwide, Australasian releases by Polygram and American releases by CBS/Fox
  • The video was classified "U" in the UK and "PG" for "Low Level Violence" in Australia.
  • It was released on 06/07/1991 in the UK, 1992 in America and on 03/02/1993 in Australia.
  • The arrangement of the Doctor Who theme used for this and succeeding Years releases was originally arranged by Keff McCulloch for the 1989 album Doctor Who: Variations on a Theme.

Six similar videos were later released up to 1994. They were:

In 1993, the BBC refused to fund production of The Davison Years and The McCoy Years.[source needed]