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Daleks v Cybermen was an online game based on the Doctor Who episode Doomsday. It was an alternate turn of events in the Battle of Canary Wharf. One plays as a squad of Cybermen fighting against Torchwood soldiers, the Preachers and the Daleks. The aim of the game was to turn the tide of the battle and eventually defeat the Dalek leader, Dalek Sec.

Story Edit

A squad of Cybermen are dispatched to the Canary Wharf Underground Station where they take out a group of Torchwood soldiers. They battle through Canary Wharf Plaza and enter Torchwood 1's Artefact Room, where the Torchwood troops are being aided by the Preachers. The Cybermen acquire stronger weapons to fight against the Daleks and move to Parliament Square. They finally face Daleks led by Dalek Sec and destroy them. As he dies, Dalek Sec announces this is the end of the Daleks and the Cybermen are victorious.

Levels Edit

Enemies Edit

Hazards Edit

  • Mines
  • Turrets
  • Manholes
  • Electrical Discharge

Powerups Edit

  • Health - Recharges a unit's energy supply.
  • Heavy Gun - Obtain and utilise for deletion of Black Dalek.

External links Edit

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