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The Dalesub was a massive submarine used by the Daleks in the oceans of other planets. It is equiped with liquid matter fuel conversion system, an Aquascope (range 20 miles), a Fridgeador Potential (capable of freezing the water's surface for a range of 20 miles), Storm Simulator (for weather control), Repellor Field Generator (for defending against enemy torpeados).

Beneath the waters on an unnamed planet, Jeff Stone and his party of aquanauts found a thousand-year-old Dalesub in their underwater sea laboratory. Using their water extractor, they were able to pump the water out of the downed sub, thus facilitating repairs. Soon, they had the Dalesub working again, and were almost immediately engaged in a battle against an approaching Dalek patrol. The Dalesub easily dispatched the Daleks, and its human crew celebrated. Despite the success, Stone solemnly vowed, "In our hands this sub won't be a weapon of destruction. We'll just use it as a deterrent to stop destruction." (COMIC: The Super Sub)

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