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Danes was Joshua Naismith's butler. His tasks included opening doors for Naismith and his daughter. He was also charged with feeding the Master copious amounts of food.

Like almost everyone else on Earth, Danes was transformed into one of the so-called "Master Race" because of the Master's work on the Immortality Gate — and then was re-converted into a human by Rassilon's gauntlet. Immediately following this transformation, Danes and the rest of the household staff fled the Naismith mansion. (TV: The End of Time)

Behind the scenes Edit

Much of this character's spoken role was cut for time, but his major speech was included as a deleted scene in the DVD box set of the 2009 specials. In it, Danes gave Naismith's staff a short lecture, telling them that if the Master was to make the slightest move, he should be shot dead on sight.