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Daniel Anthony played Clyde Langer in The Sarah Jane Adventures. At the end of that series, he was a twenty-three-year-old playing a seventeen-year-old.

Anthony also played Delong in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story Wirrn Dawn. He was the first BBC Wales series regular to have participated in a Big Finish production only after their DWU debut.

In Death of the Doctor, he briefly played the Eleventh Doctor, whilst the Doctor was using Clyde's body to communicate with Sarah Jane Smith, though Matt Smith's voice was dubbed over his. Though he was portraying an already established incarnation and was dubbed over by the original actor, Anthony has technically portrayed the Doctor. This would make him the first black actor to do so as well as the youngest actor to have played the role at 22.

Furthermore he narrated the Sarah Jane Adventures audio book Children of Steel and the SJA video games: Earth, Sun and Moon, Light, Material Properties and Sound.

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