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You may be looking for the actor.

Daniel Matthews was a UNIT containment specialist who worked with Lockwood.

Matthews and Lockwood were called to the UNIT facility of scientific researcher Dr Sally Arnold. She had discovered a Nestene pod placed in storage many years earlier and exposed it to deep-space transmissions. This re-established contact with the Nestene Consciousness. The building was put under quarantine and searched by UNIT operatives led by Lockwood, Matthews and Sergeant Ramsay.

Arnold helped the team find a hidden room with more Nestene pods and Doctor John Smith's UHF transmitter from an earlier encounter. Though the transmitter was useful in destroying the original pod, unsealing the doors allowed the reactivation of a second pod and also of the Autons still held in the warehouse. They injured Matthews. The second pod escaped through an air vent and evaded capture for two years. (HOMEVID: Auton)

Matthews continued to work with Lockwood and Arnold for some time. He tried to track down the missing alien, but about six months before the discovery of the creature on Sentinel Island, he left the team to carry out archaeological research in Africa. (HOMEVID: Auton 2: Sentinel)