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Danny Bartock was the representative of the Ethics Committee on the Walker Expedition.

According to the Beast, he was a liar. On Sanctuary Base 6, Danny observed the Ood's telepathic field, as it was "the only way to look after them". Danny introduced the Ood slave race to Rose Tyler. (TV: The Impossible Planet)

When the Ood were possessed by the Beast, Danny came up with the idea to create a psychic flare to disable the Ood and break the Beast's hold over them. When that was successful, he, Rose, Toby Zed, and Zachary Cross Flane escaped from Krop Tor on a rocket, which the Tenth Doctor towed to safety with the TARDIS when the gravity field keeping Krop Tor in orbit around the black hole, K37 Gem 5, vanished. (TV: The Satan Pit)

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