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Dapol action figures were produced from 1988 to 2002. The following catalogues their output and number.

Figure Dapol number Notes
Seventh DoctorW001 Beige and brown coat variants, with umbrella. Ten or more variants known for umbrella colour.
MelW002Pink and blue blouse variants
TetrapW003Variants include leather or vinyl wings, and attached or detached wings.
K9W004-1Green and grey variants, and wagging tail or no wagging tail.
K9W004-2 "20th Anniversary" stencilled on side.
K9W004-3 "21st Anniversary" stencilled on side. Some also had "Longleat" on side.
K9W004-Eclusives Various K9s made for special events over the years. Colours vary by event. Signed by various Doctor Who guests.
K9W004-XMASDusty gold. "Christmas 2000" stencilled on side. US market exclusive.
TARDISW005-35th 35th Anniversary edition, limited to 350. Gold windows and lettering. Included 5 figures.
TARDISW005-DW1 Limited to 10 pieces. Signed by Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines. A Day With Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines 10 June 2000 exclusive.
TARDISW005-JBAll clear plastic. Originally sold with jelly babies.
TARDISW005-SFX Improved LED bulb. Sound effects for later releases.
TARDISW005-TB Signed by Tom Baker. Limited to 20 pieces. A Day with Tom Baker 20 October, 2000 exclusive.
The MasterW006 Roger Delgado version
Sea Devil
DalekW008-1 Imperial Dalek-style Dalek. White, gold detailing.
DalekW008-2 Black with gold detailing. Black or gold skirt.
DalekW008-3 The Daleks-style Dalek. Grey with blue detailing
DalekW008-4 The Daleks-style Dalek. Gray with blue detailing. Gunstick, eyestalk, and plunger arm are black.
DalekW008-5 Red with black detailing. Black or red skirt.
DalekW008-6 Red with silver detailing. Gunstick, eyestalk, and plunger arm are either silver or grey.
DalekW008-7 Red with gold detailing. Gunstick, eyestalk, and plunger arm are either unpainted bronze plastic or painted gold.
DalekW008-8 Renegade Dalek-style Dalek. Grey with black detailing.
DalekW008-9 Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.-style Dalek. Red with silver detailing and black base. Claw arm instead of plunger arm, and different mould of gunstick.
DalekW008-10 All gold. Made from W008 mould or W008-9 mould.
DalekW008-11 Glass Dalek-style "Transmat" Dalek. Clear with coloured mutant inside. Mutant came in either brown, light green, or yellow. Brown version was a Ministry of Sound Vision (MOSV) website exclusive, U.S. market only, and limited to 50 pieces.
DalekW008-12 Light grey with gold detailing.
DalekW008-Boots Blue with silver detailing. Only available with The Five Doctors VHS set, specially commissioned by the Boots company. Some released on card.
DalekW008-CR Only available at the factory. Black with purple detailing. Dome, eyestalk, plunger, and gunstick are pink. All profits from this figure went to cancer research.
DalekW008-MOSV W008-9 mould. Blue with gold detailing. Only available with The Genocide Machine, and exclusive to MOSV subscription members.
DalekW008-exclusives Daleks made for several special events over the years. Most had the colours selected at the factory and where unique. Signed by various Doctor Who guests, varying by event.
DalekW008-USA Red body, white head dome, and blue hemispheres Dalek. Eyestalk, gunstick, and sucker either blue or white. Limited to 2000, US market only.
DalekW008-XMAS Special Christmas Dalek. Green body, red detailing, with sparkly gold head dome, gunstick, and sucker.
Millennium DalekW008-M Sparkly blue, sparkly green, sparkly red, sparkly purple, sparkly black, or sparkly silver, with gold detailing. Limited to 2000 of each colour. Cardboard display available for redemption of 6 Millennium Dalek proof of purchase tags.
CybermanW009 Earthshock-style Cyberman
Black CybermanW009-DW1 All-black Attack of the Cybermen-style Cyberman. Cardback designed by Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines. A Day With Anneke Wills and Frazer Hines 10 June 2000 exclusive.
Fourth DoctorW010 No scarf or hat
SilurianW011Doctor Who and the Silurians-style Silurian
25th Anniversary gift setW012 Included the Seventh Doctor, Mel, Tardis, Tardis console, and green K9.
Armoured SilurianW012Warriors of the Deep-style Silurian. Has the same production code as the 25th Anniversary Playset.
Ice WarriorW013 Weapon accessory originally made by Hasbro for G.I. Joe's Lady Jaye figure.
Ice WarriorW013 All gold. Christmas exclusive, U.S. market only. Otherwise as above.
Gallifrey High CouncillorW014-1 Castellan brown robes or Arcalian Chapter green robes (Same production code).
Gallifrey High CouncillorW014-2 High Council cream robes
Gallifrey High CouncillorW014-3 Prydonian Chapter burgundy robes
Gallifrey High CouncillorW014-4 Dromeian Chapter grey robes
Gallifrey High CouncillorW014-5 Gold Usher gold robes. Supposedly only ten made.
AceW015With or without backpack and Dalek bat
DavrosW016Variants include One-handed version, two-handed version, and gold-trimmed 35th Anniversary version (one hand).
7th Doctor PulloverW017Seventh Doctor's question-mark jumper.
Marx DalekW018-1 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. Grey with gold detailing
Marx DalekW018-2 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. All red.
Marx DalekW018-3 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. All black.
Marx DalekW018-4 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. All silver
Marx DalekW018-5 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. White with red base, gunbox, and head or glass. Attachment variants.
Marx DalekW018-7 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. Black with gold detailing.
Marx DalekW018-8 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. Silver with gold detailing.
Marx DalekW018-10 Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. All gold.
Self-Assembly DalekW018-KIT Scaled-down Marx Toys-style Dalek. Sold as a kit, with all pieces in a bag. Colours vary.
Third Doctor
Bump n Go DalekW020-1 Full-scale Marx Toys Dalek reissue. Silver with gold bands. Bump n go Daleks limited to 2500.
Bump n Go DalekW020-2 Full-scale Marx Toys Dalek reissue. Red with gold bands.
Bump n Go DalekW020-3 Full-scale Marx Toys Dalek reissue. Black with gold bands.
Bump n Go DalekW020-4 Full-scale Marx Toys Dalek reissue. All gold.
Third Doctor giftsetW021 Included the Third Doctor, the Master, Sea Devil, Armoured Silurian, Tardis, gold Dalek with black detailing, and plastic transfer. Limited to 1000.
Davros and Dalek army PlaysetW021-1 Included Davros and seven Daleks. Possible Daleks included all grey or brown with gold detailing, all gold, black with gold detailing, black with silver detailing, red with gold detailing, red with silver detailing, white with gold detailing. Daleks were of either "show" or "movie" sculpt.
Fourth Doctor PlaysetW021-2 Included the Fourth Doctor, Tardis, K9, Mel, Cyberman, and blue Dalek with black detailing.
Seventh Doctor PlaysetW021-3 Included the Seventh Doctor, Tardis, Cyberman or Ice Warrior, Mel or Ace, and Dalek. Dalek was grey with gold detailing, gold with grey detailing, or green with silver detailing.
35th Anniversary PlaysetW022 Included the Third Doctor, 35th Anniversary Tardis, 35th Anniversary K9, the Master, Gallifrey High Councillor, 35th Anniversary Davros, and sticker. Limited to 350.
Winged YoyoW023 Seventh or Fourth Doctor -era Doctor Who logo.
SontaranW024Grey/black with helmet
Sontaran CaptainW024-1Silver with helmet
The Melkur
Early CybermanW026 Moonbase/Tomb of the Cybermen-style Cyberman. No articulation. Cybermat accessory prototyped but abandoned.
Second DoctorW027 No articulation. Undersized compared to the rest of the line.
Early Daleks Gift setW030 Included four grey Daleks with blue detailing. Each had unique appendages in place of the sucker. One came with standard sucker, one came with flamethrower, one came with radiation gauge, and one came with Dalek Mutant scoop.

Released items Edit

Unreleased items Edit

Dapol lost its license in 2002. Had the line been allowed to continue, figures for the First Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon, the Yeti, Polly Wright, UNIT troops, and Cyber-Leader would have been produced, as well as a new TARDIS console. Two prototypes each of the First Doctor and Yeti figures are known to exist. A Whomobile vehicle was experimented with early on, but never entered production.

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