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Dark Talk was a late-night pirate radio show which discussed extraterrestrial affairs around Cardiff. Dark Talk's host, Abigail Crowe, was herself actually an alien disguised as a human. She planned to use the radio station to broadcast a signal beginning an alien invasion. This plan was discovered by Torchwood, who raided her studio. When "Abigail" revealed her true form and attacked Torchwood, she was killed by Gwen Cooper. (GAME: Torchwood Mission Game)

Behind the scenes Edit

A different episode of Dark Talk was made available to the player during each mission of the Torchwood Mission Game. The player was directed toward Dark Talk as a research tool, and its tips were generally helpful regarding the game's various puzzles. In addition to hints for the game's missions, which were each initially released after airing of each episode of Torchwood series 2, Dark Talk also contained references to the concurrent events and developments in the TV series. In the game's twist ending, the apparently harmless broadcaster turned out to be a disguised alien invader herself.