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Dark star

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Dark star
Type: Star
Place of origin: The Big Bang
First seen in: Adrift
A dark star was a star with devastating psychic powers. If a human mind came within close proximity of such a star, the mind would be overwritten with primal instincts long since lost to humans.

Biological composition Edit

A dark star was made from sentient hydrogen cells infused with z-neutrino energy. A dark star was different from a black hole in that a dark star reacted just like a normal star and even had solar flares. It was called dark because of its degrading effect on the human brain and its colour which was deep black.[source needed]

Other information Edit

There were only four dark stars in the known universe, one of which was in the Silver Devastation. It is thought that a space-time rift was located at the heart of the star.[source needed]

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