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Darren Pye was a man two years Rose Tyler's senior. They went to school together, although he was largely a truant. Rose once described him as a bully who "looked like a shaved gorilla, only not as handsome".

When the Ninth Doctor and Rose returned home to the Powell Estate, Jackie told Rose that Darren Pye and Mrs Pye had moved two down three across from her flat, replacing Mrs McGregor. Darren attacked Rose when she left Mickey's to get some milk and biscuits. When Darren produced his knife, Rose was saved by the Doctor and Darren left. Darren then attacked Jackie, and put her in hospital. He stole lots of televisions including Mickey's, to play the game. Then, after Rose and Mickey were teleported back to Mickey's flat, Darren heard all they said about the game and aliens. The Doctor and Rose decided to fly to Toop, where the aliens lived. When the aliens arrived outside Mickey's flat, Mickey heard Darren tell them about the Doctor and who he was. They took him to Toop, where he was used as a corpse for the games. When Rose met him while the Doctor played her, he tried to kill her but the other aliens, the Mantodeans, killed him by snapping off his head. However, guided by the Doctor, Mickey and his friends were able to use all of Darren's stolen TVs and game systems to help the Doctor defeat the aliens and rescue everyone who had been kidnapped by them and was still alive. (PROSE: Winner Takes All)