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Data (Assimilation²)

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Species: Android
Affiliated with: United Federation of Planets, Starfleet
Place of origin: Federation universe
First seen in: Assimilation²

In a parallel universe, Lt Commander Data was an android who served aboard the USS Enterprise-D during the 24th century. He was created by Dr. Soong more than thirty years earlier, and one of his goals on the Enterprise was to become more human. As a particularly knowledgeable android, he had a quick wit to rival the Doctor's.

Data was present on the ship's holodeck with William Riker and Beverly Crusher when the Doctor's TARDIS materialised in its "Dixon Hill" holonovel in 2368. The Eleventh Doctor noted that the sight of an android wearing a pinstripe suit in San Francisco in 1941 was unusual. Data along with Commander Riker and Doctor Crusher learned of the Doctor in the holodeck. He first seems to think of them as malfunctioning simulations, but that theory was soon proven false.

He was alerted of the attack of the planet Delta IV, where he told the captain and they began their journey there. They soon learned that it was the Borg and Cybermen attempting to assimilate the planet. Once the Borg and Cybermen learned of the Enterprise, Data navigated into a nearby nebula to confuse the opposing ship's sensors. Data under order from Captain Picard looked up any knowledge the Federation has of the Cybermen and he was the one to discover that the original Enterprise crew met a group of Cybermen.

Soon a mission in the briefing room goes underway with Data confirming that the Borg and Cybermen went to planet Cogen V. He's apart of the away team lead by Commander Riker and accompanied by the Doctor and his companions. There were Borg and Cybermen casualties all over the planer and thanks to Lieutenant Commander La Forge and Data, it was learned that the Borg and Cybermen betrayed each other.

Later on the planet Tau Lee, Data was a member of an away team that meets the Borg, after Picard was forced to negotiate. The splinter group of the Borg agreed to help the Enterprise and soon a plan was formed. After the Borg Executive Library was recovered Data, Worf, Picard, the Borg Conduit, and a small strike team were taken aboard the TARDIS. Where Data was able to deduce the TARDIS' bigger interior than the outside which impressed the Doctor.

The team made way to the main Cybership where Data, along with the Doctor and Picard, were almost assimilated. The Cybermen noticed that Data on the other hand could not be upgraded. They were saved by the Enterprise with a gold beam and they soon made way to the Cyber-Controller. Data and the Conduit managed to pin the Cyber-Controller long enough for the Borg library to be restored. However after the Cybership was set to self destruct, the Conduit attempted to assimilate the TARDIS. Data was possessed by its power and he managed to repel the Borg drone, which gave Worf and Rory the opportunity to throw him into the time vortex. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

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