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Data Core
Type: Massive computer hard drive
Place of origin: The Library
Appearances: TV: Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

The Data Core was a huge hard drive at the centre of the Library. Felman Lux used it to provide a virtual reality for Charlotte to thrive in. An artificial moon called Doctor Moon transmitted waves to and from the Core to keep Charlotte happy.

The Library staff saved themselves into the Core and Doctor Moon also helped them. Donna Noble later got caught up in Doctor Moon and the Core's transmissions when she was being teleported, and began to live in the Core. The Data Ghost of Evangelista had also been saved; however, her data was corrupted, resulting in her becoming vastly intelligent but horribly deformed. River Song freed everyone, except Charlotte from the Core and killed herself. Evangelista was restored to her original appearance, and the Data Ghosts of Proper Dave, Other Dave and Anita were saved. The Tenth Doctor saved River's Data Ghost into the Core.

After this, the Data Core contained River, Charlotte, Evangelista, Anita and the two Daves. (TV: Forest of the Dead) River returned from the Data Core as an echo to help the Eleventh Doctor one last time as he went to Trenzalore. (TV: The Name of the Doctor)

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