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A mother's daughter lived on Earth, circa 2050.

She and her brother were trapped on a ferris wheel which started moving rapidly as her terrified mother watched. A Department force led by Inspector Drake arrived on the scene. He addressed a crowd of shocking people, alerting them that a bomb had been connected to the speed clutch in the control centre, and that, if they tried to stop, or even slow the wheel, the bomb would detonate. K9 Mark 2 and Starkey were also on the scene, and decided to help out; they arrived in the control room, and found the bomb, which was strangely non-explosive. They realised that this was a publicity stunt planned by the Department. K9 destroyed the bomb which slowed the wheel down, saving the girl and her brother. Starkey and K9 were praised by the crowd, and, much to Drake's dismay, they then quickly left. (TV: The Bounty Hunter)