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David Bowie was a singer from Earth. (PROSE: Life on Mars on Mars)

Bowie's song "Starman" was played by one of Rose Tyler's neighbours on the Powell Estate. (TV: Aliens of London)

"Starman" was also played just after Eugene Jones had explained how he acquired the Dogon sixth eye. (TV: Random Shoes)

In 1974, the Eighth Doctor mentioned Bowie as one of the great musicians of the period to Lucie Miller. (AUDIO: Horror of Glam Rock)

Evelyn Smythe spoke of her experience in a space suit as "like that David Bowie song." (AUDIO: The Feast of Axos)

After his death, Erimem and Andy Hansen left a copy of Bowie's song "Life on Mars" on Mars. It was discovered by a mars rover on New Year's Eve 2020. (PROSE: Life on Mars on Mars)

The Twelfth Doctor recited some of his song "Ashes to Ashes" to a robot, with the line "I'm Happy, Hope You're Happy Too". (TV: Smile)

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