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David Rutherford was the ringmaster at the Carnival of Curiosities who was "weaponised" by Orestes Milton into Empath, a being that could reflect the feelings of those it met. He could also drain, store, and expel emotions. He was used by Milton to drain people of their anger, killing them in the process. He would then place it in a sphere to expel it into London's air, which would enhance the anger of those who were exposed to it. The Twelfth Doctor tricked him into draining him of his anger. He absorbed too much, and was knocked out. Enraged by all the extra emotion he absorbed, he went after the Doctor, who had gathered a large crowd, to see tricks at the Carnival of Curiosities, which created a happy and positive atmosphere. As he went through the crowd, their emotions rubbed off on him. The Doctor then had him expel the emotions into the cloud, destroying it. (PROSE: Silhouette)