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David Troughton (born 9 June 1950[1]) is the first son of Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton. He also appeared in several Big Finish Productions audios. Like his father, Troughton is both a noted Shakespearean actor and a contributor to Doctor Who.

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His largest role in the original version of Doctor Who was in the Third Doctor story The Curse of Peladon, where he played King Peladon, a role which he reprised in the Companion Chronicles story The Prisoner of Peladon. He had earlier appeared as Private Moor in The War Games, which was the final story starring his father. He also played an uncredited guard in The Enemy of the World, which also starred his father. (DWM 219)

In the early 1990s he was to become the face of Virgin Publishing's proposed new Doctor who would have appeared in the New Adventures line of books following the regeneration of the Seventh Doctor. The idea went as far as a photoshoot before the BBC vetoed the idea.

Decades later, he joined the BBC Wales team in Midnight as Professor Winfold Hobbes, an episode directed by Alice Troughton, to whom he is unrelated.

In licensed Big Finish Productions audios, he has played the villain in several Fifth Doctor adventures. He was the Tinghus in Cuddlesome, a new incarnation of the Black Guardian in The Key 2 Time stories, The Destroyer of Delights and The Chaos Pool, a role which he later reprised in The Well-Mannered War and Casualties of Time. He also voiced Raymond Gallagher in The Crimes of Thomas Brewster and Edge in Casualties of Time, and read short fiction in the Short Trips audiobooks starring the Second Doctor.

Beyond Doctor Who, Troughton is also a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and a renowned classical actor. He co-starred with Peter Davison in the TV series A Very Peculiar Practice, and Colin Baker in three episodes of the home video and audio play series The Stranger. He enjoys strong friendships with both of these actors, and even shared living accommodations with Baker in the early 1970s. He was also friends with actor Katy Manning at one point. According to Manning, they had both apparently wanted to convert the friendship into a romance, but neither had the courage to do so. (BBC DVD: The Three Doctors)

In 2011, he starred in the final two releases of the Serpent Crest audio line. In these he played a clone of the Second Doctor.

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