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Davitch Pavale

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Davitch Pavale
Davitch Pavale
Species: Human
First seen in: Bad Wolf
Appearances: TV: The Parting of the Ways
Main actor: Jo Stone-Fewings

Davitch Pavale was one of the programmers on the Game Station, alongside his female counterpart. They answered to the Controller, but when the Ninth Doctor exposed the Game Station as a fraud and the Controller was transmatted aboard the Dalek Flagship and exterminated. (TV: Bad Wolf)

The two programmers joined forces and worked with the Doctor to defend Earth against the Daleks. With Jack Harkness, a small group of them fought the Daleks on Floor 499. When the Daleks exterminated the female programmer, he angrily returned fire but was likewise cut down by the Daleks. (TV: The Parting of the Ways)

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