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Jones applying Silurian make-up in CON: After Effects

Davy Jones is an Emmy- and RTS Television Award-winning make-up designer who was the head of the make-up department for the Christopher Eccleston series of Doctor Who. Along with Neill Gorton, he was nominated for, but did not win, an RTS Award for his work on The End of the World. Instead he won an RTS Award for the 2004 run of Bodies and an Emmy for the film The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.

His career long has stridden the line between makeup and prosthetics. Prior to his involvement with Doctor Who, he was the prosthetics designer for several episodes of Always and Everyone and for Peter Sellers. After series 1, he has been almost exclusively credited as a prosthetics or "special" makeup designer on shows like Instinct, Hyperdrive and Casualty 1909.

Though series 1 was the dominant period of Jones' involvement with Doctor Who, he returned uncredited in at least series 5. He was seen in Doctor Who Confidential, but not in the credits, associated with The Hungry Earth.

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