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Biological type: Humanoid
Place of origin: Daxus
Appearance: The Corinthian Project

The Dax were an underwater species from the destroyed planet Daxus.

Biology Edit

The Dax resembled mermaids, with half their body a fish and half a humanoid torso. They also had black membranes on their torsos and webbed hands.

History Edit

The Dax were nearly wiped out by the Daleks, who destroyed Daxus. Some Dax had travelled to Earth, starting off the mermaid legend.

At an unknown future date, some Dax were living in an abyss near the Corinthian Project. They remained hidden, until discovered by the Tenth Doctor in a submarine. The project was about to blow up, but the Dax helped to save it. (NOTVALID: The Corinthian Project)

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