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Dead and Buried was an animated webcast special by Big Finish Productions featuring Bernice Summerfield.

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While Bernice waits to see what Braxiatel is planning, she's getting back to her roots — investigating the site of a previously undiscovered civilisation. It isn't long however, before she's being pursued through the ruins by an implacable foe.

On her own, light-years from rescue, she must rely on her wits to survive and discover who wants her dead and buried.

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  • Big Finish Productions released Dead and Buried as a free download on the official Bernice Summerfield site on 1 September 2010, along with a selection of desktop wallpapers based on the film's artwork. The film was also webcast on Big Finish's official YouTube channel. The downloads and YouTube stream were freely accessible worldwide. Big Finish eventually removed the downloadable version of the story from their website, but the YouTube video remains posted and freely available.
  • Dead and Buried was also released on DVD as a bonus with the September 2011 release of Epoch, a box set of Bernice Summerfield adventures. The video documentary The Making of Dead and Buried was specifically produced for this box set.

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