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Death Flower was the comic debut of the Fourth Doctor.

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  • The plot of this story has similarities to then-unproduced TV: The Seeds of Doom.
  • This was the very first Doctor Who comic strip to feature the Fourth Doctor. It opened with a brief recap of Planet of the Spiders and the following narrative: "One crisp, January morning of the new year finds Sarah-Jane Smith and the Doctor spinning through the Dorset countryside..."
  • The very first words were spoken not by the Doctor himself but by Sarah-Jane: "I still haven't got used to your new face, Doctor."
  • The very first words spoken by the Doctor were, "You're not the only one, Sarah-Jane. I have a similar problem when I shave each day!"

Continuity Edit

  • Sarah says that she is still not used to the Doctor's new face. (TV: Robot)

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