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Death Match was the fourth story in the fourth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures. It featured the Master.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Death-Match is under new management. The Hunt Master's Champion has been installed. All regular players are welcomed back to the Pursuit Lounge to observe the contest in luxurious surroundings. Privacy is assured. For this reason we ask our elite guests to abide by the strict security protocols. Please note, the house has no limits.

In the Gallery, your combatants can be observed on the orbiting Quarry Station. A purpose-built environment filled with deadly traps and hidden dangers. Prizes are offered for every kill, with bonuses for rogue elements. Only an elite hunter can survive the End-Game. Do you have a worthy champion? Kill or be killed: the only rule of the Death-Match...

Plot Edit

Part one Edit

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Part two Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

  • K9 suggests that he and the Doctor play draughts.
  • The Master has met Sigmund Freud, whom he describes as "a joy". He gave him his first box of cigars.
  • The Doctor once beat Ernest Hemingway at tiddlywinks. He claims that Hemingway never forgave him for it.
  • Marshall works for Galactic Heritage.
  • The Master destroyed the planet Raskalar for fun.
  • The Master refers to K9 as a "ridiculous automaton".

Notes Edit

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