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Deathworld (comic story)

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Main enemy: Ice Warriors and Mondas Cybermen
Main setting: Yama-10
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Dez Skinn
Writer: Steve Moore
Artist: David Lloyd
Letterer: no credit given
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Weekly Issues 15-16
Release date: 23 January-30 January 1980
Format: B&W 2 parts / 8 pages
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Deathworld was a backup comic story published in Doctor Who Weekly Issues 15-16.

Summary Edit

After detecting traces of trisilicate on the planet Yama-10, a survey team of Ice Warriors land and start to clear the ground for mining. The Cybermen and their Cybermats also arrive and claim the planet. Taking their battle to the Polar Caps, where both sides are more equally matched, they battle. The Polar Caps melt and the Cybermen are destroyed by the melted ice, while the Ice Warriors are entombed in the ice — at least until the spring thaw.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • This back up strip is introduced by the Fourth Doctor.

Original print details Edit

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. DWM 15 (4) Don’t miss next weeks thrilling finale!
  2. DWM 16 (4)

Reprints Edit

  • Coloured and reprinted by Marvel in DW84 6.

Continuity Edit

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