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NA013 deceit
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace, Benny
Main enemy: Pool
Main setting: Arcadia, 2573
Key crew
Publisher: Virgin Books
Writer: Peter Darvill-Evans
Release details
Release number: 13
Release date: 15 April 1993
Format: Paperback Book; 9 Chapters, 325 Pages
ISBN 0-426-20387-9
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Virgin New Adventures
The Pit Lucifer Rising
DWM's "New Adventures order"
The Pit Lucifer Rising

Deceit was the thirteenth novel in the Virgin New Adventures series. It was written by Peter Darvill-Evans and released in 1993. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice. This was the first novel to crossover elements of Doctor Who Magazine's comic stories with the novel range. The events of Nemesis of the Daleks are directly referenced.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Take Arcadia apart if you have to."

The middle of the twenty-fifth century. The Second Dalek War is drawing to an untidy close. Earth's Office of External Operation is trying to extend its influence over the corporations that have controlled human-occupied space since man first ventured to the stars.

Agent Isabelle Defries is leading one expedition. Among her barely-controllable squad is an explosives expert who calls herself Ace. Their destination: Arcadia.

A non-technological paradise? A living laboratory for a centuries-long experiment? Fuel for a super-being? Even when Ace and Benny discover the truth, the Doctor refuses to listen to them.

Nothing is what it seems to be.

Plot Edit

Prologue: Five Years Ago Edit

Bertrand wakes up to find the architecture in his room has changed again. He plugs into the Telepathic Net. The Net tells him the war is ending sooner than expected, but their plans will continue. Bertrand is aging and must train a successor. He presents a list of candidates, but they suggest a person from his past. She enters the room and kills Bertrand, taking his place.

Part One: Five Weeks Away Edit

Someone watches a holovid message Britta Hoffmann is sending to her boyfriend Dimitri, telling him about her new posting. The individual deletes the holovid.

Starfleet Commander Celescu hangs up his fastline conversation when he can't get a straight answer out of Wynette Troheim, a Spinward Corporation executive, about his agent on Arcadia. Agent Defries requests from him a ship and troops to investigate. He reluctantly gives her the Admiral Raistrick and a crew of Irregular Auxiliaries.

On a planet that is not Earth, Francis, a scribe, is transcribing a book when a Humble Counsellor arrives at the gate. He requests to see the Highness, and tells Francis he should go to Landfall and become a Master.

Defries opens up a fastline with the Director of External Operations. She scrambles the connection and he sends her a cache of data on Spinward. He warns her about Spinward's influence, and ends the connection.

Francis escorts the Counsellor to the Throne Room. He finds the prince playing a game of forfeits. Francis tells him there's a Counsellor waiting and the prince goes to his throne.

An exhausted Defries reads up on the history of Spinward.

Francis takes the Counsellor to Prince Edward, and leaves through the wrong door. He finds himself in a chamber above the throne room, able to hear the conversation below. The Counsellor insists Francis be sent to Landfall, and Edward agrees. Then, the Counsellor tells him that a ship full of soldiers infected with a Dalek plague is coming, and they must all be killed.

The Auxies are getting drunk before they head out. Among them, Reynald Yesti finds a girl who didn't get picked for the trip. She's an explosives expert, and asks Yesti to come to her room.

Francis joins Christina on her trap, and the couple rides to a clearing in the woods. They leave the carriage and head to the waterfall. Francis tells her he has to go to Landfall, and questions why everyone on Arcadia lives such short lives. Christina says she'll talk to the prince about it.

Yesti is in the woman's cabin on the space station. She comes out of the washroom with nothing but a towel. She takes it off, then suddenly injects him with something. He falls over, unable to move, and she takes his ID chip from under his skin and exchanges it with her own. She tells him she's now Reynald Yesti, and he is Ace.

Lacuna and Lau-Po read Britta Hoffman's diary entry from her first days on the station. Lacuna orders further monitoring.

Characters Edit

References Edit

Biology Edit

Corporations Edit

Human colonies Edit

Individuals Edit

  • Bernice is haunted by the destruction of the Seven Planets.
  • Ace is three years older than when she left the Doctor on Heaven.

Linguistics Edit

Military Edit

  • Ace has been trained in the Spacefleet in the Special Weapons Division.

Planets Edit

Songs Edit


  • The TARDIS is cured of the infection it reacquired in Tír na n-Óg.
  • The Doctor ejected the zero room from the TARDIS, to destroy Pool.

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Continuity Edit

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