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Decide Your Destiny was a series of BBC Books Doctor Who books. These were gamebooks, written in the second person with branching narratives: so, for example, at the end of a page there would be two or more options (for example, "to go right, go to page 56. To go left, go to page 77") and tell you which page to go to. This style of gamebook is frequently called Choose Your Own Adventure, after a long-running series of books that began in the late 1970s and popularised this genre of "interactive" novel; however, the term "Choose Your Own Adventure" properly refers to this line only. Decide Your Destiny follows a number of Doctor Who-related gamebooks in this genre dating back to the mid-1980s.

Originally featuring the Tenth Doctor, the books continued into 2010 with the release of editions featuring the Eleventh Doctor. Unlike previous Decide your Destiny titles, all four 2010 books appear to feature the return of a monster or alien that has appeared on T.V. These creatures are the Macra, Sycorax, Judoon and Werewolf. They also have links to exclusive online content.

Releases Edit

Title Author ISBN Image
The Spaceship GraveyardColin BrakeISBN 978-1-4059-0376-9DYD 1 The Spaceship Graveyard
Alien ArenaRichard DungworthISBN 978-1-4059-0352-3Destiny 2
The Time CrocodileColin BrakeISBN 978-1-4059-0350-9Destiny 3
The Corinthian Project Davey MooreISBN 978-1-4059-0345-5Destiny 4
The Crystal SnareRichard DungworthISBN 978-1-4059-0381-3DYD 5 The Crystal Snare
War of the Robots Trevor BaxendaleISBN 978-1-4059-0382-0DYD 6 War of the Robots
Dark PlanetDavey MooreISBN 978-1-4059-0379-0DYD 7 Dark Planet
The Haunted Wagon TrainColin BrakeISBN 978-1-4059-0380-6DYD 8 The Haunted Wagon Train
Lost Luggage130pxISBN 978-1-4059-0401-8DYD 9 Lost Luggage
Second SkinRichard DungworthISBN 978-1-4059-0402-5DYD 10 Second Skin
The Dragon KingTrevor BaxendaleISBN 978-1-4059-0402-5DYD 11 Dragon King
The Horror of Howling HillJonathan GreenISBN 978-1-4059-0404-9DYD 12 The Horror of Howling Hill
The Coldest WarColin BrakeISBN 978-1-4059-0686-9The Coldest War
Claws of the MacraTrevor BaxendaleISBN 978-1-4059-0685-2Destiny 14
Judoon MonsoonOli SmithISBN 978-1-4059-0697-5Judoon Monsoon
Empire of the WolfNeil CorryISBN 978-1-4059-0715-6Empire of the Wolf

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