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Biological type: Humanoid
Affiliated with: United Federation of Planets
Place of origin: Delta IV
Notable individuals: Deltan Prime Minister, Jahson
Appearance: Assimilation²

Deltans were humanoids who came from Delta IV. Hairless — or at least without exception bald — they otherwise had a physical appearance undifferentiated from humans.

When their planet was attacked by a joint Borg/Cybermen assault force, they were easily overwhelmed. Their prime minister ordered a planetary evacuation, but not before much of the planet, and many of the species, were taken by their assailants. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

Behind the scenes Edit

A Deltan featured prominently in the storyline of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but the species has otherwise gone un-used by most Star Trek productions. None of the Deltan telepathic or psycho-sexual powers were explored in the first issue of Assimilation². Thus, so far as the DWU is concerned, they're just "bald humanoids".

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