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Dennistoun was a student, segregated to a school where he would not age.

Biography Edit

Dennistoun came from a society so advanced that it could predict when a child would commit a violent crime decades in his future. They removed these children, of whom Dennistoun was one, from society and placed them in a school where they would not age.

After the boys had been at the school an unknown number of years, a corporeal expression of their future deeds began roaming the school, killing the boys in a violent fashion.

When the Fifth Doctor arrived at the school, Parkins explained to him the nature of the school. Dennistoun then helped his classmates conjure up a classmate out of the evil in their natures, which destroyed the entity that had been killing his classmates.

The Doctor left Dennistoun and the other boys at the school. (PROSE: Long Term)

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