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Doctor Who action figures were made by Denys Fisher Toys in the 1970s. The line included characters from the early Fourth Doctor period. The toys were designed by American toy company Mego, though they were not released in the US. Amongst the items available were:

  • The K1 robot from Robot
  • The Fourth Doctor, dressed roughly in season 12 garb, with sonic screwdriver, and complete with his signature scarf
  • Leela, dressed vaguely like her season 14 self, with knife
  • A Dalek with friction-drive wheels; silver with a red dome, a large blue eyestalk and blue sensor globes
  • A Cyberman, roughly of the Revenge of the Cybermen type (albeit with a nose)
  • K9, with friction-drive wheels
  • The TARDIS pushing one of two buttons on top of the toy would make the inside of the police box revolve, along with the rooftop light, so that a figure placed inside (such as the Doctor) could be made to "materialise" or "dematerialise" as if by magic

An advertisement for these action figures can be seen on the DVD of The Face of Evil.

Identical figures were also made available in Italy from Harbert, with the boxes featuring Italian text — thus, the Giant Robot became a Super Robot (the actual translation would have been "Robot gigante"); Leela became Lella; the Cyberman became a Ciberniano; and the TARDIS became a Cabina della Polizia (which translates as "Cabin of the Police").
However, the names Doctor Who (which would actually have translated as "Il dottore Who") and Dalek (which doesn't translate into Italian at all) remained unchanged.