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Destiny of the Doctor: The Complete Adventure was a box set collecting the Destiny of the Doctor limited run audio series. It contained a behind-the-scenes documentary, Meeting Destiny, previously only available on the out-of-print Limited Edition box set.

Publisher's summary Edit

Originally created to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Big Finish Productions produced a special range of audiobook titles, each focusing on one of the eleven Doctors. They are collected together here in a new set, telling the complete story.

Stories Edit

# Title Author Doctor Companion(s)
1 Hunters of Earth Nigel Robinson First Doctor Susan
2 Shadow of Death Simon Guerrier Second Doctor Jamie, Zoe
3 Vengeance of the Stones Andrew Smith Third Doctor The Brig, Mike
4 Babblesphere Jonathan Morris Fourth Doctor Romana
5 Smoke and Mirrors Steve Lyons Fifth Doctor Adric, Nyssa, Tegan
6 Trouble in Paradise Nev Fountain Sixth Doctor Peri
7 Shockwave James Swallow Seventh Doctor Ace
8 Enemy Aliens Alan Barnes Eighth Doctor Charley
9 Night of the Whisper Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Ninth Doctor Rose, Jack
10 Death's Deal Darren Jones Tenth Doctor Donna
11 The Time Machine Matt Fitton Eleventh Doctor Alice

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