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Deus Le Volt was the eighth Time Hunter novel published by Telos Publishing. It was written by Jon de Burgh Miller. It featured the Fendahl.

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"Deus Le Volt!" ... "God Wills It!" The cry of the first Crusade in 1098, despatched[sic] by Pope Urban to free Jerusalem from the Turks. Honoré and Emily are plunged into the middle of the conflict on the trail of what appears to be a time travelling knight. As the siege of Antioch draws to a close, so death haunts the blood-soaked streets ... and the Fendahl — a creature that feeds on life itself — is summoned. Honoré and Emily find themselves facing angels and demons in a battle to survive their latest adventure.

Part mystery, part detective story, part dark fantasy, part science fiction ... original adventures in time and space.

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The story was released as an audiobook read by Terry Molloy.

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