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Devina Collins
Devina Collins
Species: Human
Place of origin: Jamaica
Spouse: Lloyd Collins
Children: Jess Collins, Maxwell Collins
First seen in: The Pestilent Heart
Other appearances: COMIC: Moving In

Devina Collins was the wife of Lloyd Collins and the mother of Jess and Maxwell Collins. When the Twelfth Doctor was stuck in 1972 without a working TARDIS, he lived with the Collins and became good friends with Devina. (COMIC: Moving In)

History Edit

Over a decade before the 1970s, Devina came to Great Britain from Jamaica. During the voyage, she met Lloyd Collins and fell in love. Buying a house in London, they married and had two children: Jessica and Maxwell.

In 1972, six months after her daughter encountered the Twelfth Doctor, Devina went to Kings College Hospital when she heard Lloyd was being kept there. She met the Doctor, who was there with Jess. The Doctor told her to comfort Lloyd while he and Jess investigated the spaceship that Lloyd's disease originated from.

Lloyd remembers

Devina and Jess help Lloyd remember who he is. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

As the Doctor and Jess were gone, Lloyd began transforming into a bird monster. When they returned he had fully transformed. Lloyd went berserk and Devina and the Doctor were knocked off their feet. Lloyd then grabbed Jess annd flew out a window. Devina and the Doctor followed Lloyd until he landed on the roof of a building. Using one of his devices, the Doctor let Devina and Jess psychically comunicate with Lloyd and remind him who he really was. When that didn't work, the Doctor took things into his own hands and cured Lloyd and everyone else that had been infected at the cost of sacrificing his TARDIS.

Two days later, the Doctor visited Jess and told her that his TARDIS would repair itself, but it take a while. Devina overheard this and invited the Doctor to live with them while he was stuck on Earth. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

Devina cooking with Doctor

Devina gets angry at the mess caused by the Doctor's "improvements" to her stew. (COMIC: Moving In)

The next day, Devina walked in on the Doctor trying to improve her stew. Devina insisted her stew couldn't be better, and when the Doctor tried to make it better with umamium particles and molecular excitation, it turned green and exploded. With the kitchen splattered in green stew, Devina almost kicked the Doctor out, but he quickly cleaned it all up and handmade a new stew which Devina found acceptable. (COMIC: Moving In)

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