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Diane Duane is an American science fiction writer who wrote the short story Goths and Robbers and contributed to Perfect Timing 2 and The Cat Who Walked Through Time. She is also known for her Young Wizards series and has also written novels based upon other franchises, including X-Men and seaQuest DSV. In Star Trek circles she is best known for her Rhiannsu series of novels and for co-writing the story for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Where No One Has Gone Before". Her scriptwriting work also includes episodes of many 1980s-era animated series.

Duane is one of a handful of writers to have written original fiction for both the Doctor Who and Star Trek franchises, and is one of only two Doctor Who-franchise contributors to date to have actually been involved in the writing of a Trek TV episode. The other is David Wise, who wrote an episode of The Animated Series more than thirty-five years before contributing an episode of Big Finish Productions' Gallifrey series.

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