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Disassembled (audio story)

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Gallifrey: Disassembled
16 Disassembled
Main character(s): Romana II, Leela, K9 Mark II
Featuring: Irving Braxiatel, Narvin, Bernice Summerfield, Castellan Vansell (alternative version)
Main enemy: The Burner Doctor, Interrogator General Leela, Lord President Romana (alternative versions)
Main setting: The Axis, Gallifrey (alternative timeline)
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Justin Richards
Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Gary Russell
Music: David Darlington
Sound: David Darlington
Cover by: Alex Mallinson / Simon Holub
Release details
Release number: Chapter 16
Release date: March 2011
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPGALLCD15
ISBN 978-1-84435-556-3
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Reborn Annihilation

Disassembled was the second story of the fourth series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Justin Richards.

Publisher's summary Edit

Gallifrey kills...

The President of the High Council wants Romana dead. The Temporal Intervention Agency has been dispatched to hunt her down. Its mission: to eliminate her from the timelines for ever. It would be as though she had never existed...

Only an old friend can offer Romana any hope of survival. An acquaintance she and Leela once shared. One they haven't seen in years.

But time is running out. Death is fast approaching. And this time, not everyone can survive... with or without the Doctor.

Plot Edit

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Alternative Gallifrey

References Edit

Individuals Edit

  • Narvin mentions the Master.
  • Leela is tortured by her counterpart, who was brought to Gallifrey to amuse the previous Lord President.
  • In the alternative timeline, Interrogator General Leela was preceded by Narvin, whom she murdered for the position.
  • In the alternative timeline, the Doctor had to leave Gallifrey after challenging the Time Lord's temporal intervention policy when he faced erasure from the timeline by his brother, Braxiatel. Braxiatel was killed by the Doctor, who adopted that title, stole a TARDIS and fled Gallifrey to challenge the Time Lords' right to rewrite history. By the time that President Romana came to power, the Doctor had adopted the title "Lord Burner" and the role of the the President's personal temporal assassin who "burned" people from history, a role previously held by Braxiatel in both the proper and alternative timelines.

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