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Dittero Shandy was an android created by Martin.

Biography Edit

Shandy oversaw an auction for planets. He was responsible for killing the highest bidders in order to claim the planets through his representative, Poozle of the Varble, for a low price. Shandy was confronted by Fitz, who managed to remove a de-aggrifier from the Vorshagg representative, causing it to attack Shandy. Shandy survived the attack because he was an android and managed to contact his employer, Martin, to tell him what had happened.

Shandy then travelled to Minuea under Martin's orders to foil Charlton Mackerel's plan to save the planet. Shandy turned into an Electron bomb with an instant detonator. The detonation was prevented by the Eighth Doctor, who used his sonic screwdriver to halt the detonation signal. The Doctor then threw Shandy through a Tele-door to Utopia where he detonated. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)

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