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Dockery was an 18-year-old man living in Mercy, Nevada in 1870.

Upon learning the Eleventh Doctor was an alien doctor, he and several men were quick to throw him out of town to save themselves from the Gunslinger's wrath. Nevertheless, he trusted Isaac's judgement and followed his example in letting the Doctor back in.

However, following Isaac's death, he led another mob to wrest Kahler-Jex from jail. The Doctor talked him down, noting that because of his young age, he was not likely to have been to war or fired a gun before.

Dockery assisted the Doctor and his friends in distracting the Gunslinger by wearing make up similar to the markings on Kahler-Jex' face. Upon the Doctor's departure, he and Dockery shared a mock gun battle, making light of their earlier stand off. (TV: A Town Called Mercy)