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Doctor In A Dash
Doctor in a Dash VG
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Main enemy: Daleks, Slitheen, Judoon
Key crew
Publisher: BBC
Release details
Platform: Online game
Genre: Race
Release date: 2007

Doctor In A Dash is a online game published on the BBC Doctor Who website. The game was animated by Firestep who previously animated The Infinite Quest.

Story Edit

Doctor in a dash

Doctor In a Dash

The Tenth Doctor has detected an unstable space-time manipulator which disturbs the very existence of the universe. In the wrong hands, it could be a terrible weapon. He must travel in the TARDIS and race in time and space to recover it before the Daleks, Judoon or Slitheen recover it, avoiding the objects in his path that can damage the TARDIS deflector shield. At the end of the game the Doctor destroys the space-time Manipulator.

How to play? Edit

Controls Edit

The up arrow speeds up the TARDIS, the lower acts as brakes. The other two control the direction of the vessel. The space bar creates a time wake to immobilise the other ships for a short time. Enemy ships fire energy weapons. this action can not be used three times during a race. P is pause the game, using H shows and Esc exits the game.

The bar strength (power) indicates the status of shields, each obstacle encountered or the number of times that the player shot Each time the player shoots, it loses a bar (of nine). It has three lives.

Power-ups Edit

There are two kinds of Power-up:

  • Red - Accelerates the ship for a while
  • Green - adds a shield

Vessels Edit

There are 4 types of vessels. At the end of the game, you can select one of these vessels for racing:

Levels Edit

Level Obstacles Edit

  • Time Distortion (Level 1)
  • New New York Car (Level 2)
  • Satellite (Level 3)
  • Barrage Balloon (Level 4)

External Links Edit

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