Doctor Who: A New Dimension was a special documentary made by the Doctor Who Confidential production team and broadcast before Rose.

Doctor Who: A New Dimension was broadcast on BBC One prior to its related episode, rather than after it on BBC Three. It was not shown under the Doctor Who Confidential banner, though it has been generally considered "episode 0" of the series because it shares Confidential's production team and covers similar subjects.

It was narrated by David Tennant in his first involvement with the Doctor Who television programme. He would later play the Tenth Doctor.

Rose was followed by the first standard Doctor Who Confidential episode, Bringing Back the Doctor.

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  • Coverage and reaction to the new Doctor.
  • Previews of the production from episode one to six.
  • Discussion of what the world was like during each era of the Doctor.

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Not currently available on DVD. All other Doctor Who Confidential episodes from 2005 are included in cut-down form on the Series 1 box-set.