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The Adventurer The Sarah Jane Adventures series of Doctor Who: Battles in Time trading cards was a bonus set of 10 limited edition, additional cards (plus one cover card) released exclusively with Issue 62 and packaged in a clear plastic wrap.

Overview Edit

With the Doctor Who: Battles in Time (magazine) being extended beyond its original number of proposed issues, the 'Adventurer The Sarah Jane Adventures cards saw the series expanded once more by the inclusion of this popular spin-off series which frequently crossed-over to the parent series.
The Adventurer series consisted of 10 individual Common cards referenced by the prefix SJA, cards also showed their individual series number 01-10.

In this limited set, cards are only given a Monster or Hero status but can be used in play along with other cards in the Battles in time series.

Adventurer: Sarah Jane Adventures (Card Set) Edit

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