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The Ultimate Monsters series of Doctor Who: Battles in Time trading cards was the third expansion series to the original set and followed the success of the previous sets (Exterminator, Annihilator and Invader ).

Overview Edit

It was launched in September 2008 with a special card mounted magazine issue which included four packs of trading cards. Additional packs were also available for purchase separately.

The Ultimate Monsters series consisted of a further 225 cards numbered from 601 to 825, featuring graphics from previous years of the television series. (Each card also carried its particular series numbering in the bottom right corner).

The Ultimate Monsters series consisted of

  • 185 (C) Common Cards
  • 25 (R) Rare Cards (Foil printed, one in every pack)
  • 10 (SR) Super Rare (Enhanced / embossed foil printed, found in one in every six packs)
  • 5 (UV) Ultra Rare (Special feature cards with added effect including; lenticular changing images, glow in the dark and scratch 'n sniff found in one in twenty-four packs)

The much sought after gold ticket card (of Rose Tyler possessed by the Time Vortex) remained available in every thousand packs and was of a thicker, gold foiled and unnumbered card.

Ultimate Monster Card listing Edit

RatingNumberCard TitleComment
C 601 Broton
R 602 Cyberman (From Our Universe)
C 603 God of Ragnarok
R 604 Glass Dalek
C 605 Icthar
C 606 Alpha Centauri
C 607 Ancient Haemovore
C 608 Cyberman (Invading)
C 609 Davros
C 610 Drathro
R 611 Fendahl Core
C 612 Black Dalek
C 613 Ice Warrior
R 614 Exxilon Antibody
C 615 Gundan Robot
C 616 Auton (Carnival Disguise)
C 617 Head of Stengos
C 618 D84
C 619 Aggedor
C 620 Draconian
C 621 Eldrad (Female Form)
C 622 Exxilon Group
C 623 Axon Man
C 624 Uxarieus Guardian
C 625 Azal
R 626 Heavenly Host
C 627 Antimatter Monster
C 628 Bok
C 629 Dalek Mutant (Dying)
C 630 Bellal
C 631 Husk 1
C 632 Draconian Group
C 633 Empty Child (Attacking)
C 634 Fendahleen
SR 635 Antiman
C 636 Cyberman (Camouflaged)
C 637 Azaxyr
R 638 Cryon
C 639 Racnoss Empress (Invading)
C 640 Giant Maggot
R 641 God of Ragnarok
C 642 Auton Scout
R 643 Cyberman (Awakening)
C 644 Axon Girl
C 645 Sisters of Plenitude
C 646 Hand of Eldred
C 647 Cyber Android
C 648 Haemovore 1
C 649 Clockwork Woman (Unmasked)
C 650 Foamasi
C 651 Cyber Leader (Our Universe)
C 652 Cessair of Diplos
C 653 Scarecrow Army
C 654 Cheetah Person
C 655 Linx
SR 656 Davros (As the Emperor Dalek)
R 657 Kronos
C 658 Tetrap
R 659 Raston Robot
C 660 Axon Eye
C 661 Hieronymous (Possessed by Mandragora)
C 662 Mags
C 663 The Master (Emancipated Form)
C 664 Omega (First Appearance)
C 665 Sharaz Jek
SR 666 The Master (Pre-regeneration)
C 667 Terileptil (Firing)
C 668 Drashig
C 669 Mutt
C 670 Mummy
C 671 Sycorax Leader (Swordfighting)
C 672 Vervoid Hybrid
C 673 Sea Devil
C 674 Izlyr
R 675 Eldrad (Attacking)
R 676 Special Weapons Dalek
C 677 Zygon
C 678 Max Capricorn
C 679 Nimon
C 680 Marcus Scarman (Under Sutekh's Control)
C 681 Axon Monster
C 682 Linx (Attacking)
C 683 Lazarus Creature (Rampaging)
C 684 Rutan
C 685 Ogron
R 686 Morgarian Group
C 687 Husk 2
C 688 Sil
C 689 Krynoid human Hybrid
C 690 Mr Sin
C 691 Cult of Skaro (in New York)
R 692 Nemesis Statue
C 693 Foamasi Group
C 694 Cyberman Guard
C 695 Kraals
R 696 Axon Family
C 697 Mestor
C 698 Styre
C 699 Mother Doomfinger (Touch of Death)
C 700 Scaroth's Ship
C 701 Coronic Acid Attack
R 702 Source Manipulator
C 703 Sarcophagus
C 704 Axonite
C 705 Dalek Gas Attack
R 706 Vionesium Bombs
C 707 Laserson Probe
R 708 Yeti Control Sphere
C 709 Exxilon City Root
R 710 Cyber Leader (Armed)
C 711 Silurian
SR 712 Sutekh
C 713 Jagrafess (Attacking)
C 714 Sauvix
C 715 Mandrel
R 716 Davros (Energy Attack)
C 717 Pirate Captain
C 718 Krynoid (Attacking House)
C 719 Werewolf (Howling)
C 720 Vervoid
C 721 Morbius
C 722 Reptile Woman
C 723 Axon Monster Group
C 724 War Machine
C 725 Weeping Angel Group
C 726 Distillation Chamber
UR 727 Sontaran (Unmasking)
C 728 Osiran War Missile
C 729 Fendahl Skull
UR 730 Alien (Unmasking)
C 731 Davros (Great Healer)
C 732 Scaroth
R 733 Sun-Possessed Korwin (Unmasked)
C 734 V3 (Attacking)
C 735 Vervoid Group
C 736 Sensorites
C 737 Uxarieus Priest
C 738 Haemovore 2
C 739 Giant Maggot Group
C 740 Mechonoid
C 741 Sharaz Jek (Unmasked)
C 742 Ogri
C 743 Pig slave (Attacking)
C 744 The Destroyer
C 745 Haemovore Group
C 746 Marshman
C 747 Omega (Second Appearance)
C 748 Eldred (Male Form)
C 749 Cryon (Attacking)
SR 750 Zygon Group
C 751 Ood (In Pursuit)
C 752 Stike
C 753 Magnus Greel (Unmasked)
C 754 The Malus
C 755 Kroll
C 756 Sontaran Group
C 757 The Lukoser
C 758 Mandrel Group
C 759 Trin-E & Zu-Zana
C 760 Monarch
R 761 Bannakaffalatta
C 762 Davros and the Daleks
C 763 Cheetah Group
C 764 Terileptil Android
C 765 Ogron Group
SR 766 Omega (Projection)
C 767 Tranquil Repose Daleks
C 768 Melkur
C 769 Yeti
C 770 Zarbi
UR 771 Unfiltered Sunlight
SR 772 Ragnarok Eye
C 773 Giant Brain
C 774 Raston Robot Attack
C 775 Sonic Booster
C 776 Self-destruct Button
C 777 Terileptil Escape Pod
C 778 Rogue Cyberman
C 779 Carrionite (Escaping)
C 780 Sea Devil Group
C 781 Xeraphin
C 782 Renegade Dalek (Attacking)
C 783 Cassandra's Brain
C 784 Terileptil Android (Dressed as Death)
C 785 Tetraps Sleeping
C 786 Imperial Dalek (Attacking)
R 787 K1 Robot
C 788 Wolfweeds
C 789 Mother of Mine (Trapped)
C 790 Tractator Group
C 791 Dalek-shuttle Craft
C 792 Nimon Capsule
C 793 Sutekh's Gift of Death
C 794 Sontaran Translator Unit
C 795 Cyber Bomb
C 796 Nestene Energy Unit
C 797 Cyberscope
UR 798 Scaroth's Time Machine
C 799 Space Freighter
UR 800 Macra Claws
C 801 The Gravis
R 802 Voc Robot Group
C 803 Wirrn
C 804 Tetrap Group
C 805 The Great One
C 806 Vorus
C 807 Father of Mine (Trapped)
C 808 Marshmen Group
C 809 Cyberman (Parallel World)
C 810 Terileptil Group
C 811 Magnus Greel
C 812 Omega's Creature
C 813 Mummy Group
C 814 Heavenly Host (Attacking)
SR 815 Terileptil
SR 816 Max Capricorn (with Heavenly Host)
C 817 Soliton Gas Machine
C 818 SV7
C 819 Primord
C 820 Dragon
C 821 Bannakaffalatta (Sacrificing Himself)
C 822 Mutt Group
C 823 Lord Kiv
C 824 The Borad
R 825 The Master (with Toclafane)

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