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Doctor Who Figurine Collection TV Ad

A television ad for the series.

Doctor Who: Figurine Collection is a fortnightly figurine and magazine collection published by Eaglemoss Publications Ltd. Supported by television advertising, it was launched on 28 August 2013 to celebrate 50 years of the world's longest-running Sci-Fi TV series.


  • Every issue came with a richly illustrated collector's guide that provided all the essential information about the accompanying figure and using official photography from the BBC archives recounts the history of Doctor Who.
  • The figurine collection consisted of hand painted 1:21 scale models with an average height of 85mm and included every Doctor and all the greatest monsters from Daleks to Weeping Angels.
  • The figurines were cast from 3D digital sculpts refined and approved by the BBC, before being cast in a special metallic resin. These are hand painted using original production colour references before being given final approval by the BBC.
  • The series was fully approved by the BBC and packed with rare photography.

Magazine content

Each 20 page issue included the following sections;

  • Your Figurine (5 pages)
A close up examination of the figurine and the character featured.
  • Moment in Time (4 pages)
A selected episode guide relating to the featured character.
  • 50 years of Doctor Who (2 pages)
A year by year history of Doctor Who and the world as it was.
An aspect of the series examined.
  • The Big Ask (1 page)
Fans' questions about the story featured in the Moment in Time section.
  • The People Who... (1 page)
Profiles of the unseen stars from the last 50 years.

Subscription offer

DWFC Sub Offer

Subscribers to this title received four bonus free gifts worth over £60 (UK) that included;

  • Binder (worth £6.99 UK)
  • Display Stand (worth £14.99 UK) and holds 10 figures
  • Dalek Emperor figurine. Because of its size this oversized figurine has a reduced scale of 1:42 but still stands 22cm tall.
  • Online subscription to a digital edition that can be read on computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • There was no subscriber saving on the issue price of £6.99 (UK) but subscribers could upgrade if they chose for £7.99 (UK) per issue. For the extra £1.00 an issue subscribers would receive throughout the life of the collection, a further set of seven limited edition Daleks and a specially designed display stand (worth £14.99 UK).
DWFC Sub Offer Upgrade

These limited edition Daleks (which wew in addition to Dalek figurines released as part of the main collection, included;

Regular issues

# Issue Figurine Features and content
1 DWFC 1
Eleventh Doctor
Figurine: Eleventh Doctor
Moment in Time: The Pandorica Opens
Year by Year: 1963
Doctor Who universe: The TARDIS
 The People Who...

2 DWFC 2
Figurine: Davros
Moment in Time: Journey's End
Year by Year: 1964
Doctor Who universe: UNIT
 The People Who...
Raymond Cusick 
creator of the Daleks 
Davros Stolen Earth

3 DWFC 3
Figurine: Cyber-Controller
Moment in Time: The Age of Steel
Year by Year: 1965
Doctor Who universe: Time Lords
 The People Who...
Cybus Cyber-Controller

4 DWFC 4
Weeping Angel
DWFC 4 Weeping Angel
Figurine: Weeping Angel
Moment in Time: Flesh and Stone
Year by Year: 1965
Doctor Who universe: Earth history
 The People Who...

6 DWFC 6
Figurine: Metaltron
Moment in Time: Dalek
Year by Year: 1966
Doctor Who universe: Sonic screwdriver
 The People Who...
Elevate or elevator

7 DWFC 7
DW FC 07 Sontaran
General Staal
DW FC 07 Sontaran 1
Figurine: General Staal
Moment in Time: The Poison Sky
Year by Year: 1966
Doctor Who universe: Mutants
 The People Who...

8 DWFC 8
DWFG 08 Tenth Doctor
Tenth Doctor
DWFG 08 Tenth Doctor 1
Figurine: Tenth Doctor
Moment in Time: School Reunion
Year by Year: 1967
Doctor Who universe: Psychic paper
 The People Who...
Tenth doctor main11

9 DWFC 9
DWFG 09 Ice Warrior
Ice Warrior
DWFG 09 Ice Warrior 1
Figurine: Ice Warrior
Moment in Time: Cold War
Year by Year: 1967
Doctor Who universe: Gods and demons
 The People Who...
Cold War

10 DWFC 10
DWFC 10 Silence
Figurine: Silent
Moment in Time: Day of the Moon
Year by Year: 1968
Doctor Who universe: Enemies of the Daleks
 The People Who...

11 DWFC 11
DWFC 11Time Lord President
Figurine: Rassilon
Moment in Time: The End of Time
Year by Year: 1968
Doctor Who universe: Allies of the Daleks
 The People Who...
Sydney Newman 
BBC Head of Drama 

12 DWFC 12
Ood Sigma
DWFC 12 Ood Sigma figure
Figurine: Ood Sigma
Moment in Time: Planet of the Ood
Year by Year: 1969
Doctor Who universe: Shadow Proclamation
 The People Who...
Ood Sigma & Co

13 DWFC 13
Supreme Dalek
DWFC 13 Supreme Dalek figure
Figurine: Supreme Dalek
Moment in Time: The Stolen Earth
Year by Year: 1969
Doctor Who universe: The Moon
 The People Who...
Supreme Dalek The Stolen Earth

14 DWFC 14
DWCF 14 Cyberman
Figurine: Cyberman
Moment in Time: Nightmare in Silver
Year by Year: 1970
Doctor Who universe: Companions

Cybermen Nightmare2

15 DWFC 15
DWCF 15 Omega
Figurine: Omega
Moment in Time: The Three Doctors
Year by Year: 1970
Doctor Who universe: Solar System
 The People Who...
Omega close-left look

16 DWFC 16
DWFC 16 Vashta Nerada
Vashta Nerada
DWFC 16 Vashta Nerada figure
Figurine: Vashta Nerada
Moment in Time: Silence in the Library
Year by Year: 1971
Doctor Who universe: Cyber-history
 The People Who...
DWFC 16 Vashta Nerada 2

17 DWFC 17
DWFC 17 Fourth Doctor
Fourth Doctor
DWFC 17 Fourth Doctor figure
Figurine: Fourth Doctor
Moment in Time: Pyramids of Mars
Year by Year: 1971
Doctor Who universe: Rise and Fall of Davros
 The People Who...
DWFC 17 Fourth Doctor c

Rare Dalek Collection issues

A series of rare Dalek figures (available to those paying a premium rate throughout the collection) were periodically dispatched to subscribers along with an eight-page mini mag.

Subscribers were made aware that there was a delay in dispatching Emperor Dalek due to "manufacturing delays".

# Issue Figurine Features and content
DWFC Rare Dalek 1 Supreme
Supreme Dalek
DWFC RD 1 Supreme Dalek figurine
Figurine: Supreme Dalek
Story guide: The Daleks' Master Plan
  • Design and Development
  • Special issues

    # Issue Figurine Features and content
    1 DWFC SP 1
    The TARDIS
    DWFC SP 1 TARDIS figure
    Figurine: The TARDIS
    Story guide: The Eleventh Hour
  • The TARDIS: A History through 50 Years
  • TARDIS interiors
  • Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS design
  • Other TARDISes
  • TARDIS exteriors
     The People Who...
    TARDIS exterior TEH

  • 2 DWFC SP 2
    DWFC Special 2 Slitheen
    DWFC Special 2 Slitheen 2
    Figurine: Slitheen
    Story guide: World War Three
  • Slitheen: Big Green Aliens
  • World War Three
  • London Calling
     The People Who...
    Paul Kasey 
    Monster man 

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