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Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor

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Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor
Titan Eighth Doctor
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Josie
Key crew
Publisher: Titan Comics
Editor: Andrew James
Writer: George Mann
Artist: Emma Vieceli
Release details
Release date: 4 November 2015 - 16 March 2016
Format: 5-part American comic book
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Titan Comics Doctor Who series
Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor
Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book mini-series. It features the Eighth Doctor in his updated design from The Night of the Doctor, with a new companion, Josie Day. The series consists of five interconnected stories and is the second in a revolving series featuring the first through ninth incarnations of the Doctor in their own mini-series.

Unlike the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor ongoing series, this series does not feature back-up strips.

Publisher's summary Edit


Get ready for an all-new season of comics adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played by Paul McGann in the Doctor Who movie, fan-favorite minisode Night of the Doctor... and over fourteen years (and counting!) of astounding Big Finish audio spectaculars!

Five amazing, interconnected new stories take the Doctor on a rollercoaster of threat and misadventure, as he investigates the mysteries surrounding his new companion Josie. Victorian magic shows, murderous trees, lost books, crystalline life-forms, barges in space crammed with the undead... and the grand journey all begins in a sleepy Welsh town... besieged by living paintings!

Buckle up for a wild ride that embraces all the Gothic Romance and interstellar terror of the Doctor's eighth incarnation!

Stories Edit

  1. The Pictures of Josephine Day
  2. Music of the Spherions
  3. The Silvering
  4. Briarwood
  5. A Matter of Life and Death

Issues Edit

Collected editions Edit

Volume Issues Title Stories Publication date
1 1-5 A Matter of Life and Death 18 May 2016

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