Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor, published by Titan Publishing Group, is an American comic book series, comprised of multiple stories. It features the Eleventh Doctor and six new companions, Alice Obiefune, John Jones, ARC, The Squire, Abslom Daak, and the Sapling, as well as the return of River Song. The series takes place at some point during the period between A Christmas Carol and The Impossible Astronaut, whilst Amy and Rory are settling into their newlywed life after the honeymoon.[1]

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Year One Edit

  1. After Life (1 part)
  2. The Friendly Place (1 part)
  3. What He Wants... (1 part)
  4. Whodunnit / The Sound of Our Voices (2 parts)
  5. Space in Dimension Relative and Time (1 part)
  6. The Eternal Dogfight / The Infinite Astronaut (2 parts)
  7. The Rise and Fall / The Other Doctor (2 parts)
  8. Four Dimensions (1 part)
  9. Conversion (2 parts)
  10. The Comfort of the Good (2 parts)

Year Two Edit

  1. The Then and the Now (2 parts)
  2. Pull to Open (1 part)
  3. Outrun (1 part)
  4. The Judas Goatee (1 part)
  5. The One (2 parts)
  6. Downtime (1 part)
  7. Running to Stay Still (1 part)
  8. First Rule (1 part)
  9. The Organ Grinder (1 part)
  10. Kill God (1 part)
  11. Fast Asleep (1 part)
  12. Gently Pulls the Strings (1 part)
  13. Physician, Heal Thyself (1 part)

Year Three Edit

  1. Remembrance (1 part)
  2. The Scream (1 part)
  3. The Tragical History Tour (2 parts)
  4. Time of the Ood (1 part)
  5. The Memory Feast (2 parts)
  6. Fooled (1 part)
  7. Strange Loops (2 parts)
  8. The Lost Dimension: The Eleventh Doctor (1 part)
  9. Hungry Thirsty Roots (2 parts)

Backup Edit

Year One Edit

  1. Pond Life
  2. Unexpected Enemy in Bagging Area
  3. Sonic Sleuth
  4. Wholloween
  5. An Ood Thing to Say
  6. Bus Replacement TARDIS
  7. An Adventure in Brine and Plaice
  8. Short-Change
  9. Double Date
  10. Time Gentlemen, Please!
  11. Bow-ties for Goal Posts
  12. Summer Wholiday
  13. Timeliney Wimey
  14. Take a Bow (Tie)

Year Two Edit

  1. New Year, New Who
  2. No Win, No Fez
  3. Gunpowder, Time Lord and Plot
  4. Who Who Who, Merry Christmas
  5. Time Spill on Aisle 5
  6. Love Thy Neighbor

Year Three Edit

  1. Something Borrowed


  1. Service with a Shhhh
  2. Second Thoughts
  3. Wooden Acting
  4. Stop That
  5. Ice Cold
  6. Rebranding Exercise
  7. Experimental Tastebuds
  8. Daylight Savings
  9. Wishing for Wishes

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Notes Edit

  • The series was launched on 23 July 2014, coinciding with the launch of Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. To promote both series, a Doctor Who Comic Day event was held on 26 July.[2] Titan also publishes a Twelfth Doctor series.
  • Previously, IDW held the licence to produce an American comic book series based on the show.
  • This is the Eleventh Doctor's first ongoing comic series since Doctor Who (2012).
  • The cover to the first issue was drawn by Alice X. Zhang, based on a fanart piece she previously released online.
  • Issues are available digitally on the Comixology app and website.[3]
  • Alice Obiefune, ARC and John Jones are playable characters in the Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game.
  • The material used in this title and Titan's Twelfth Doctor and Tenth Doctor titles are combined into a single UK publication called Doctor Who Comic, which launched on 26 February 2015.[4]
  • The series debuted with a number of variant covers available with different retailers, a number of which correspond with one for Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor. A cover gallery of variants for the first issue is printed in #2. Each issue has a variant for B (Pull-List variant) and C (limited Incentive variant; 1 copy is printed for every 10). Alice X. Zhang's cover to #2 (entitled "The Roar of Our Stars") is available as a print from Big Chief Studios.

Collected editions Edit

Hardback and paperback books were published collecting stories from the series, each book reprinting five issues for Years One and Two, and four issues for Year Three. Complete years were later published in hardback.

Year Vol. Issues Title Stories Publication date
Year One
1 1-5 After Life 25 March 2015
2 6-10 Serve You 24 June 2015
3 11-15 Conversion 28 October 2015
Year Two
4 2.1-2.5 The Then and the Now 24 May 2016
5 2.6-2.10 The One 31 August 2016
6 2.11-2.15 The Malignant Truth 4 April 2017
Year Three
7 3.1-3.4 Growth 5 July 2017
8 3.5-3.8 The Sapling: Roots 1 November 2017
9 The Sapling: Branches 4 April 2018

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